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Dr. Sharad Jain Orthopedician

Best Knee and Joint Replacement Surgeon in Meerut

M.S. (Ortho.)

Knee :

VITTOS Orthopaedik Klnik, Kassel, Germany
ISAKOS Training Centre, Coimbatore
Sancheti Hospital, Pune

Shoulder :
ISKSAA Sportsmed Fellowship, Adelaide
Artho care Training Institute NUH, Singapore

  • Dr. Sharad Jain Orthopedician is the best knee,shoulder & joint replacement surgeon in Meerut. The surgeon offers treatments for sports injury in Meerut. Dr. Sharad Jain takes on challenging problems of orthopedics, which makes him the best orthopedic Meerut.
  • Consult Dr. Sharad Jain Orthopedician for knee replacement in Meerut and hip replacement in Meerut.
  • He is the best knee,shoulder & other joint replacement surgeon in Meerut for knee,shoulder & other joint replacement surgeries.
  • Dr. Sharad Jain is the most renowned knee,joint replacement surgeon in Meerut having an vast experience into knee, joint replacement surgeries.
  • Dr. Sharad Jain is an expert in knee replacement surgery & is the best knee replacement surgeon in Meerut.
  • He is expert in handling cases related to rotator cuff treatment & frozen shoulder treatment.
  • Hundreds of cases of shoulder dislocations & instability have been performed by him in Meerut.
  • Dr. Sharad Jain is the knee specialist in Meerut.
  • Consult Dr. Sharad Jain for Arthoscopy of shoulder and knee in Meerut.
  • Rotator Cuff tear treatment in Meerut.
  • Frozen shoulder treatment in Meerut.
  • Shoulder fractures & shoulder replacement surgery in Meerut.

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