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Dr.Sharad Jain
Ish kripa clinic,
699/6 Shastri Nagar,
Meerut, U.P.250004 India


Master of Surgery (Orthopedics) 2001-2004 Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
MB; BS 1995-2001 Gujarat University, Ahmedabad


• ISKSAA sportsmed fellowship in shoulder arthroscopy at sportsmed clinic,Adelaide ,South Australia,14th march 2016 to 28th march 2016(Dr.N wallwork)
• Arthroscopy and arthroplasty fellowship,Vittos Orthopaedic Klinik,Kassel,Germany from 5th feb’12 upto 25th feb ‘12(Dr Werner seibert )
• Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty fellowship ,Sancheti institute of orthopaedics and rehabilitation ,Pune from 4th april2010 up to 24th april 2010(Dr.Parag Sancheti)
• Arthroscopy fellowship,Ortho one specialty hospital,Coimbatore (ISAKOS approved course) from 1st may upto 15th june2010(Dr.David Rajan)


• Organised ANKLE AND FOOT course at Meerut in march 2017
• Conducted a Live surgery workshop on Total Hip Arthroplasty in Anand Hopsital , Meerut under UPOA as a part of UPorthocon 2016 on 12th feb 2016
• Conducted UPORTHOCON 2016 as scientific chairman
• Conducted a Basic Knee arthroscopy Workshop under UPOA in Moradabad as part of UPorthocon 2015 on 27th feb 2015
• Conducted a Basic Knee arthroscopy CME and Workshop under UPOA and Meerut orthopaedic club as organizing secretary on 27th april 2014
• Presented a talk on recent advances in arthroscopic management of joint disorders at IMA Bareilly on 25th Jan 2014
• Conducted a live surgery ACL workshop under bareilly orthopaedic club on25th oct 2013
• Guest lecture’biomechanical and anatomical advantages of anteromedial portal reaming in ACL reconstruction”presented at UPORTHOCON 2013,Aligarh
• Free paper on”arthroscopic assisted ankle arthrodesis,a novel solution”and” endoscopic retrocalcaneal decompression and calcaneoplasty for chronic haglund’s syndrome’presented at UPORTHOCON2013 ,Aligarh
• Conducted one day CME on knee arthroscopy at bareilly under aegis of bareilly orthopaedic club on 3rd feb 2013
• Presented a talk on recent advances in arthroscopic management of joint disorders at IMA meerut on 23rd feb2013
• Presented a talk on arthroscopic management of knee disorders at IMA Mawana
• Poster ‘endoscopic retrocalcaneal decompression and calcaneoplasty for chronic haglund’s syndrome’presented at IASCON2011newdelhi,IOACON2011 new delhi
• Poster ‘CT guided drilling of osteoid osteoma’’presented at IOACON2011 new delhi
• Fracture Neck Femur :Guidelines for management :review article ,Volume 20,december 2004,Journal of Bones and joint diseases,1-4
• Tourniquets-uses and precautions : review article ,Volume 20,december 2004,Journal of Bones and joint diseases,26-30


• Cadveric knee arthroscopy workshop ,IAS conference, new delhi,14th October 2005
• Basic knee arthroplasty course, EISE, Johnson & Johnson medical India, Feb 2008
• AO course, Principles in operative fracture management, Feb 2008
• Hands on course in microsurgery,Ganga microsurgery training institute Coimbatore,India,june’08
• Workshop on teaching / learning in medical education,Subharti medical college Meerut
• Cadveric shoulder arthroscopy workshop ,DOACON,new delhi,9th January 2010
• Pune shoulder rehabilitation programme,Pune 25th april 2010.Dr.Ashish Bhabulkar
• AO course, Advances in operative fracture management, September 2011
• Arthrex shoulder arthroscopy advanced course at Singapore 2013


• Participated in seminars, case presentation, and undergraduate teaching, N.H.L.M Medical College, Ahmedabad.
• Presented a scientific paper “Early results of hybrid total hip replacements in young adults”, GOACON’2003.
• “Study of management of fracture shaft femur in children by intramedullary flexible nailing” submitted to Gujarat University as thesis for the master’s degree.
• Participated in clinical trials of drugs like, leflunamide for RA, Diclofenac patches in OA, Intraarticular injections of Hyaluronidase for OA, Etoricoxib (a COX-2 inhibitor) for pain relief.


• Life member ,Indian orthopedic association (LM-5571)
• Life member, UP orthopedic association (1130)
• Life member, Indian Arthroscopy society (0272)
• Life member,ISKSAA (450)
• Life member ,Indo-German Orthopaedic Foundation(518/LM/10)
• Life member, Meerut orthopedic club(at present Secretary )
• Member, Indian medical Association
• Member , APOA(sports medicine section)


• AIDS awareness, continuing education and extension work, September 1998, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
• Cardiac conditions, stress and prevention, C.M.E, dep’t of Preventive and Social Medicine,, Ahmedabad.
• Postgraduate lecture course, September 2002, deptt of orthopedics, V.S hospital, Ahmedabad.
• Interactive course on fractures in children’ by Prof. Kaye E. Wilkins, January 2003,Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai.
• Workshop on Fractures of proximal femur, Gujarat orthopedics conference, February 2003, Ahmedabad.
• GOACON’2003, Gujarat Orthopedic association, February 2003, Ahmedabad.
• Postgraduate lecture course, March 2003, dep’t of orthopedics, civil hospital, Ahmedabad.
• Annual Conference of Gujarat Spine Association, October 2003,Ahmedabad
• Post graduate lecture course, January 2004, dep’t of orthopedics, Jamnagar Orthopedic Society, Jamnagar
• Advanced Arthroscopy Workshop ,15thDec2004,IOACON Agra
• Basic Arthroscopy Workshop,16th Dec2004,IOACON Agra
• Comprehensive joint replacement course aug 20,21 2005 new delhi
• ISAKOS work shop series Arthroscopy hands on workshop, October 2005,New Delhi
• Annual conference Indian arthroscopy society,oct 2005 New Delhi
• Annual conference,Indian orthopedic association,dec 2005 Mumbai
• Annual conference ,Asia pacific orthopedic association,Khajurao,aug 2006
• Annual conference,Indian orthopedic association,dec 2006 New delhi
• Annual conference,uttaranchal orthopedic association Ram nagar January 2007
• UP orthopedic association,mid term symposium, Meerut Sept’ 07
• Annual conference of national association of interlocking surgeons ,Agra Sept’08
• Mid term symposium UPOA gaziabad,UP,sept’09
• Conference of Delhi Orthopedic Association ,DOACON Jan 2010
• 6th sports medicine and arthroscopy workshop 2010 , 7th march 2010 Ganga ram hospital new delhi
• 5th symposium on knee and shoulder arthroscopy, Indian spinal injuries centre, New Delhi 13th &14th march 2010
• 12 th asia pacific arthroplasty society ,annual meeting ,gurgaon ,sept 2010
• International shoulder surgery congress ,nov 2010 new delhi
• Ioacon 2010 jaipur,CME,Conference and basic arthroscopy workshop
• 6th symposium on knee and shoulder arthroscopy, Indian spinal injuries centre, New Delhi 26th &27th feb2011
• 10th Annual conference of Indian arthroscopy society ,Indian Habitat Centre , sept 2011
• Basic Arthrosocpy Workshop,in Meerut on 3rd june 2012
• Web based knee school on 8th july,2012 at meerut
• CASM,congress of arthroscopy and sports medicine ,Jaipur ,Nov 2012
• Delhi arthroscopy course,2013,organized by sports injury centre,VMMC and safdarjang hospital,New Delhi,jan 2013
• As Faculty in annual conference of UP orthopaedic Association 2013at Aligarh
• Basic Knee arthroplasty course cnducted by Depuy Synthes,at fortis noida,aug 2013
• International congress of Indian arthroscopy society,IIAS2013 atMumbai,sept 2013
• AIIMS cadaver arthroplasty course,march 2014
• ISKSAA conference at gurgaon,sep 2014
• IAS conference Hyderabad oct 2014
• UPorthocon at Moradabad feb 2015
• Indian Society for Hip and Knee Surgery conference, Mumbai 2015
• Indian Arthroscopic society conference at Pattaya,thailand Oct 2015
• UP orthocon 2016 Meerut as scientific chairman
• APOA biennial congress ,March 2016,Melbourne Australia
• IAS conference Kolkatta ,Sept2016 as Delegate
• ISKSAA conference New Delhi Nov. 2016 as Delegate
• UPorthocon 2017 as faculty and a guest speaker

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